What's this website all about?

It's about helping you to save money and to do your part in saving the environment and preserving the world's natural resources for future generations.  There are many little things we can do in our everyday lives to this end, but here we will show you a fun weekend project that will make a lasting impact with very little ongoing effort or cost.  Specifically, the domestic Greywater Recycling System, shown below.Buy plans for this system now!

First, some definitions...

"Green" has become the symbolic color of the ecology movement and environmentalism.  It is also used to represent an object's properties or a person's beliefs or actions as they relate to preserving the environment.

"Grey" refers to "greywater" -- our domestic wastewater that results from bathing and washing laundry.  Greywater is cloudy in appearance, in contrast to clear fresh water and heavily contaminated "blackwater".

Why recycle "greywater"?

Once fresh, potable water has become greywater, it is a free resource.  You've already paid for it the first time; therefore, the collection and reuse of this greywater will not cost you or the environment any more than its initial use.  This results in a significant water savings for your home, a reduction of your carbon footprint, and a cost savings to you, as well.  We'll look at all of these benefits in more detail later.

But what can I use my discarded greywater for???

Greywater, obviously, cannot take the place of potable water throughout your home.  But there is one glaringly obvious application where the luxury and expense of potable water is not needed -- in fact, it seems absolutely absurd to process and purify water for this purpose.  And this application is... you guessed it... flushing your toilets.

This is not the only possible use.  Indeed, there are many systems and plans on the market today for applications that use greywater to irrigate a lawn or garden.  But since the outdoor use of greywater is sometimes seen as a potential public health risk, it is typically heavily regulated and requires the piping of greywater out into large underground leach fields.  Such systems require extensive digging, piping, and landscaping, and still they do not reduce water consumption -- they only save on the costs of treating the greywater at the sewage plant.

With our plans, your homebrew Greywater Recycling System will collect, filter, and store household greywater and then pump it back out, on demand, for flushing your home's toilets.  It will actually reduce your household's monthly water consumption in addition to decreasing the load on purification and waste treatment facilities.  And since it will be completely contained within your private home, you should be able to build and install your system yourself without the hassles of government regulations.



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